Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Studio

I am very fortunate. When we built our house 8 years ago we put in a 4 car garage for my husband and I got two of the four bedrooms for my sewing room and office.

The rooms are not very big but having two rooms allowed me to separate the workspace from the creative space. My sewing room was the first to be decorated. Painted a Pepto Bismol pink (in hindsight a little too pink) with black and white accents, a nod to Parisian decorating, it is functional and pretty. I have all the equipment I need and I have found the room fun to work in.

My office has been another story. I hadn't done anything to it except put in bookcases and a desk. The desk is huge, actually an old library table but the work surface is huge so I thought it would be perfect. The problem is that I didn't spend a whole lot of time in there. It just wasn't working.

Thursday night I sat and contemplated the fate of my office. I really wanted a space that I enjoyed being in, that inspired me, that I would want to be in there for hours on end. It finally came to me and I had trouble sleeping because I wanted to start on it right away. By Friday I had found new furniture on Craig's List, picked out a window treatment and bought paint.

Part of the problem was the way my two rooms had been organized. I had fabric and yarn stored (out of sight in various mismatched containers) in both rooms. I decided that the fabric needed to be in the sewing room and the yarn needed to be in the studio (my former office). I kept the bookcases and decided to use a modular cube system to hold my yarn, I used interlocking cubes that I already had for displays at craft shows. I got rid of the desk, which was too big for the space and replaced it with a smaller round table.

It took 2 days of intensive work but I am so happy with the result. What I have now is a beautiful, creative workspace. It reminds me of a yarn shop. I love it and the great thing is that I already had most of the stuff.

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