Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chalk it up for another one

I am moving at a steady pace, using up some of my stash and putting together a stylish, comfy wardrobe. And as I said before, I have committed NOT to buy any clothes for the next 2 months.

Here is my latest completed project. I knit this from a 1976 pattern with some minor changes. Used a seed stitch for the bands and collar instead of garter stitch and I eliminated the pockets. Pockets would have been nice but considering that this is what I had left, I think I leaving out the pockets was a good choice.
I still need to add buttons. I went shopping today but the selection was mediocre and if I bought the ones I found, they would have cost me more than I paid for all the yarn!
Speaking of yarn, I made this by unravelling 2 Gap sweaters. I didn't even realize I had bought two identical sweaters because I got then on two separate shopping trips at two differnt thrift stores (total cost about $5). The yarn is part wool, part acrylic and is incredibly soft.
I've learned that the best defense against the weather here in Texas is to layer. Summers are hot but indoors are arctic. And winters can be chilly, especially when the sun goes down.

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