Saturday, March 7, 2009

Current Project

Funny how my knitting seems to follow the weather. When we had that cold spell, I was content to knit mittens and now that spring has appeared (but this is Texas, so there could still be a freeze...) I am drawn to summer sweaters and bathing suits. Not that these bathing suits will ever see water (except when they are being washed) but I am really digging some of the knit and crochet designs that are out now.

But right now I am working on this sweater, which has been fun to knit so far. It is a Lana Grossa pattern but I am using up my (discontinued) Berroco Denim Silk in this yummy blue. It will be a single button cardigan.

I've made another sweater with the Denim Silk and while when it is wet, it feels like drywall, it becomes amazingly soft after it dries.

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