Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 4

Today's focus - skirts. Both of these skirts are actually remakes. I found skirts at a thrift store. Both were too big for me but I loved the fabric. The grey was a frumpy, long, old lady skirt but I loved the embroidery on the bottom and I figured worse case scenario, I could make a pillow with it. But I managed to actually get a skirt out of it. Unfortunately it is going to remain incomplete until the end of this month.
First of all, I like the length but still need to hem it, so I am going to create a bias binding hem - there will be a nice ribbon of black satin. I think it will look fab. Secondly, even though the original skirt had a lining AND I was able to cut out a skirt from the main fabric, I was NOT able to get a complete pattern cut from the lining fabric. Go figure. So I need more fabric for the lining (trust me, I scoured my stash and no suitable fabric for the lining was found.)

The brown skirt was a similar story except that I had already sewn it up except for the hem, so I just finished it.

By the way, the blouse is done.

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