Friday, July 31, 2009

Final (?) Thoughts

I finished the pink cardigan, all it needs is buttons - I'm thinking of going with silver. I am still debating if I will put the pockets on. This sweater has languished for about a year in a drawer, almost finished. I spent a lot of money on this yarn as it is a fine merino wool, which is why I picked a classic shape so that I could wear it for a long time. I just had to put on the front bands and collar. It actually took a little bit of engineering on the right way to do it so that it didn't cheapen the overall look of the garment. I managed to figure it out, though I ripped out the button band once because the first buttonholes were horrible. I tried a different technique and added more buttons, and then with a little bit of blocking, ending up with a very nice looking buttonhole band.

Overall this month has been pretty interesting. Did I actually succeed in buying only those things I needed? No, but I don't feel bad about it. What I realized was this wasn't an exercise in deprivation. I've already done that (out of necessity, not out of choice) and it's no fun (and why diets don't work). It was about becoming a more conscious consumer. Do I need to spend $5 on a magazine that I will read once? Probably not. Do I need 15 different shades of pink nail polish? Once again, I decided no (but I did have to think about that for a minute). If something is on sale for $10 do you buy it because it is on sale or because you really love it or need it?

I have started to reframe how I look at my life and my purchases. It's about quality over quantity. For instance, I did go and see two movies this month. They are obviously not a necessity, but I enjoyed seeing them and spending the time with my friend, who I treated for her birthday. To me that was a quality purchase - it enhanced my life and our friendship. It's about figuring out what really matters and then going with that.

Also, since I didn't have the distraction of shopping, I spent a lot of time making things. I think I accomplished quite a bit this month. It reminded me how much I really enjoy sewing and knitting. This is my thing - creating fashion. It's what makes me happy. I get a little thrill every time I figure out how to do something I didn't do before. Sewing and knitting are like puzzles, you have to figure out the best way to put the pieces together. I enjoy that. Others may enjoy playing sports, cooking, gardening or making music, but for me it's creating fashion.

The point is this: we all have something that we like doing, our own creative spirit (creativity isn't just about art, it's about personal expression) and when you give your time to it, you fill that void inside yourself that you think that money, food or things can fill.

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Becky said...

OK - you accomplished an insane amount of finished objects - seriously. Very impressive.