Thursday, January 15, 2009

HIp to be Square

Like almost every knitter/crocheter/sewer that I know, I have amassed insane quantities of yarn and fabric and continue to acquire more! I am not delusional, I know the stash will outlive me, but I am at least trying to keep from being completely buried by it by exercising a little stash management. What project would take up a decent amount of yarn or fabric? A blanket. So I have been working on some quilts and afghans as a way to use up some oddball skeins and fabric.

Unfortunately, quilts and afghans do NOT use up as much yarn or fabric as you think but they can be fun. I came across a block pattern for a baby blanket and started knitting squares. These squares are fun to knit and I think they are pretty. When I have enough to make a big afghan (I really hate those tiny little blankets, I want to be covered from my feet up to my neck), I will crochet the squares together. This particular one is going to be in blues, violets and greys.

On a separate note, I got a surprise day off yesterday and went to a favorite thrift store. I came home with some amazing finds - a Ralph Lauren hooded sweater, a Limited jean jacket (I seem to be collecting jean jackets as that is my 4th one) and this:
I absolutely adore this cardigan. Unfortunately, it is falling apart but I bought it just to remind me of the possibilities. It is a combination of knit and woven fabrics and I love the juxtaposition of the chunky knit with the silky and sheer fabrics. It has a very boho vibe and I adore it.
I managed to find quite a few good tops that I will refashion as well as some sweaters that I will be unravelling for yarn.
I don't know what it is, but I love the thrill of a hunt and hitting paydirt (and being economically responsible and earth friendly at the same time).

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